David Kanter

President, AccuList

When this project was commenced, we had another designer in mind. We tried working with that person and were disappointed. You possess superior listening skills.

Rich L Angelo

President, STAY-GREEN, INC

You have contributed to our success. The image that we portray in all of our media is because of your ability to design and make us look good.

Ozair Esmail

Board Member and Past-President, Direct Marketing Association Los Angeles:

It is a pleasure to know and work with people like you, who give their time and effort for a good cause without much fanfare. My thanks to you for all the hard work you have put into LADMA over the years.

Bob Armstrong

Former Board Member, Direct Marketing Association Los Angeles:

There are many reasons why I really enjoy working with you, and one is that you “think” as well as “do”! You make my job so much easier. Thanks for your suggestions for improving the copy as well as the layout.